Computing Hub

Bishop Challenor Computing Hub

The NCCE was set up in November 2018 by the Department of Education to increase the number of pupils in schools and colleges who study computer science at GCSE, AS and A level, particularly girls and those in disadvantaged areas, and to ensure that there is a strong pipeline of digital skills in England.

The hub delivers CPD for both Primary and Secondary practitioners as well as signposting curriculum resources.  The Arthur Terry National Teaching School has a strong relationship with the Hub, with two of our Computing SLEs being key facilitators for the Computing Hub.

Primary CPD courses:

Introduction to Primary Computing
Teaching and leading Key Stage 1 computing – Module 1 and Module 2
Teaching and leading Key Stage 2 computing – Module 1 and Module 2
Primary programming and algorithms

Secondary CPD courses:

Representing algorithms using flowcharts and pseudocode
Fundamentals of Computer Networks
Introduction to algorithms, programming and data in GCSE computer science
Computer Processors
The Internet and Cyber Security
Python programming: Working with data

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