National Professional Qualification for Leading Behaviour and Culture

We are now taking registrations of interest for spring 2024.

In 12 months, you will gain expertise in behaviour management and discover how to create a culture where staff and pupils can thrive.
> One of a series of new, specialist NPQs
> Flexible learning to suit your timetable
> Work with and learn from your peers
> Create a positive culture in your school

What you’ll learn

The programme follows the Department for Education’s National Professional Qualification: Leading Behaviour and Culture Framework.

  • Create a culture of high expectations across your school
  • Support the development of a positive, predictable and safe environment for pupils
  • Assist pupils with complex behavioural needs
  • Nurture improvement through evidence-based professional development
  • Put new approaches to leading behaviour and culture into practice in your school setting.

Note: programme content is subject to change.

  • Become an expert – no matter what your ultimate career goal, this programme offers continuous professional development and a chance to develop specific expertise with tailored feedback and support.
  • Drive meaningful change – develop your knowledge in leading behaviour and culture and apply it in practice across your school to engage and motivate staff and pupils and reduce disruption in classrooms.
  • Create a positive school culture – learn to think beyond managing individual classrooms and develop school-wide systems and processes to support pupils and get the best out of them.
  • Train to your timetable – this programme is designed to fit around your busy teaching role and much of the work can be completed in bite-size chunks around your existing schedule.
  • Build your network – you will complete this programme alongside other teachers working in similar school environments. This gives you a chance to share your experiences and build a valuable support network.
  • Improve pupil outcomes – pupils are more likely to thrive in a positive and encouraging school environment driven by model behaviour and a consistent approach to rules and rewards.
  • Build a positive culture – investing in your teachers’ development will make them feel supported and more satisfied in their work. This will filter down to the classroom, creating happier, more motivated pupils.
  • Highly flexible delivery – our new NPQs are designed to fit around your teachers’ existing working timetables and are delivered in short, sharp bursts of learning. Your participants can complete weekly, online units, at a time that suits them.
  • Create a common knowledge base – all of Ambition Institute’s NPQs are aligned. Teachers and leaders who complete them share a common language and framework to drive behavioural and cultural change across your school.
  • Share knowledge – participants will be learning alongside other teachers whose contexts are similar, facilitated by experienced trainers who know and understand your needs.

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