ECT Registration

There are two separate sign-up processes for AB and for the ECF programme. Unless both are completed by schools, ECTs will not be registered.

All ECTs must be registered with an Appropriate Body (AB) in order to complete statutory induction. This is done on ECT Manager.

All ECTs must complete a 2-year induction that is based on the Early Career Framework. Registration for the ECF programme is done through the DfE portal. 

If you register your ECT with the Arthur Terry TSH, North Birmingham for both AB and for our ECF full induction programme, all of your ECT services will be in one place. This will also simplify the registration process.  You will have one point of contact within the TSH team who will be able to respond rapidly to your queries and support you through the registration process on ECT manager and the DfE portal.

AB and ECF Registrations for ECTs starting in your school in September 2024 will open in July 2024.

Please check back, information for the coming academic year will be published soon.

This information relates to the current academic year, and remains here for your reference.

Step 1. 

Complete the expression our interest form.  This short form asks whether you intend to use the Arthur Terry TSH, North Birmingham to provide your ECF and / or AB provision during the 23-24 academic year.  Once you have completed this, the ECF team will be able to signpost you to each stage of the registration process.

Step 2.  

Log onto the DfE portal to check that the correct Induction Tutor is nominated.   This will ensure your Induction Tutor receives their invite to register new ECTs and mentors in July.

Step 3. 

Once you have all of the details of your ECTs and mentors you can register them with us on ECT manager.  All ECTs must be registered with an Appropriate Body.  Please be aware that Local Authorities (including services for Education) will not be able to register any new ECTs in September.

Step 4. 

The DfE portal has been completely re-developed for the 23-24 academic year. This will provide a much smoother registration process for the ECF.  Once you have the details of your ECTs and mentors, you can register them on the DfE portal. Please select Education Development Trust as your Lead Provider and Arthur Terry TSH, North Birmingham as your delivery partner. You will also be asked to indicate which Appropriate Body you are using. This question is designed to gather information. It doesn’t mean that you have registered with an Appropriate Body. You will still need to register your ECTs and mentors on ECT manager as well.


A full list of recent questions asked by Induction Tutors about the registration process can be found here.

Please get in touch with any questions by e-mailing