Appropriate Body

The Arthur Terry Teaching School Hub, North Birmingham is working in partnership with The John Taylor Teaching School Hub to act as an Appropriate Body for the registration, monitoring of support and assessment of Early Career Teachers (ECTs) in their first and second year of induction.

Upon registration your ECTs will be assigned to one of the Teaching School Hubs. We understand that your Early Career Teachers may need to be registered with different Appropriate Bodies dependent upon their employing school and ITE training provider so by working in partnership, we hope to make the process as seamless as possible for schools registering multiple Early Career Teachers.

All registered Early Career Teachers will benefit from:

Standardised Forms and Resources
The registration forms and assessments will be the same for both Appropriate Bodies for familiarity and consistency.

Mentor Training

Aligned mentor training sessions will run from both venues giving mentors a choice of venues and dates.

ECT Manager
The online management system will be used by both Appropriate Bodies for ease of use.

ECT Welcome
Both Appropriate Bodies will offer an introductory session for ECTs to meet the named contact within their Appropriate Body. Sessions will outline the role of the Appropriate Body throughout induction as well as providing an opportunity for a wide network for collaboration with other Early Career Teachers

Cost of Appropriate Body Services

The cost of our appropriate body service is dependent upon your choice of Early Career Framework Programme.  This is to reflect the increased quality assurance and fidelity checks for schools who choose to follow the Core Induction Programme or the DIY programme.

Early Career Framework ProgrammeAppropriate Body Cost per year per ECT
Full Induction Programme£150 per year
Core Induction Programme£300 per year
DIY Programme£950 per year

Register your interest in our appropriate body service.

For more information please contact:

Jo-Ann Murphy: – The Arthur Terry Teaching School Hub, North Birmingham

Carly Kelly: – John Taylor Teaching School Hub