Induction Tutor FAQs

Who do I contact with problems?

Technical Problems with the EDT portal

For technical problems with the EDT portal please contact EDT directly.  Please quote the name of your school, your URN and the nature of your problem.  You should receive a response within 48 hours.

Register a new Early Career Teacher (ECT) or change a mentor

To register ECTs or change mentor details, please go directly to the DfE website. Manage training for early career teachers (

For any problems with the DfE portal, contact the DfE helpdesk.

General queries about Early Career Framework (ECF) events and the EDT portal

Please contact Jo-Ann Murphy at Arthur Terry Teaching School Hub, North Birmingham

Specific queries about the ECF programme, changes in ECT / mentor circumstances or to discuss concerns

Please contact Tracy Williams, ECF Lead

My ECT or mentor started the programme late. Do they need to catch up?

There are a number of reasons why your mentor or ECT may feel that they are behind with the content on the platform. ECTs must work through all of the self-study tasks and they can do this at their own pace over the course of each half term. They should aim to have completed all of the block 1 and 2 content by the end of the Autumn Term, block 3 and 4 by the end of the Spring Term and block 5 and 6 by the end of the Summer Term.

When is the next engagement milestone with the DfE?

The next engagement milestone is on the 29th September 2022. By this point, mentors and ECTs in the September cohort should have completed blocks 1 – 6 and should have made a start on Block 7. Induction Tutors will be sent an engagement update at the start of July 2022.

ECTs and mentors in the January cohort should have completed blocks 1- 4 and should have a made a start on Block 5 by this point.

ECTs and mentors in the April cohort should have completed blocks 1- 2 and should have a made a start on Block 3 by this point.

When are the next small group events for the September cohort?

The next round of face to face events will take place in the summer term. All of the details including times and venues for the face to face sessions can be found here.

We will also be running an additional Specialist Setting Group faciliatated by Elizabeth Dean at Wilson Stewart School. More details to follow.

There are no further mentor training events for the September cohort this academic year.

When are the next small group events for the January cohort?

ECTs and mentors who are part of the January cohort are now able to sign up for the second round of events which will be taking place in the summer term. These events are being delivered directly by Education Development Trust and will be virtual events.

It is the responsibility of your ECT / mentor to register for these events. This can be done by clicking on Events in the top menu bar of the EDT portal and then scrolling down to find the most convenient date / time.

If your ECTs / mentors were unable to attend the first round of events which took place in early January, recordings of these events are now available on the EDT portal. These can be accessed by clicking on Explore in the top menu bar and then on event recording January starters. 

When are the next small group events for the April cohort?

ECTs and mentors who are part of the April cohort should have received information about their first small group sessions. These sessions are taking place on:

Mentor: Wednesday 11th May 2022 2.00p.m. – 4.00p.m. Virtual through zoom.

ECT: Wednesday 19th May 09:30-12:30. Virtual through zoom.

Why does the ECT progress bar and the mentor progress bar not match?

An ECT can view their progress through each of the blocks on their progress bar. Mentors are not able to see the individual progress of their ECT on the mentor portal. The progress bar mentors can see, (with mentors at the end of the title) shows the mentor’s progress through the mentor content. This is the measure which is reported to the DfE at the end of each block.

Where can mentors find the ECT content on the EDT portal?

When mentors log into the EDT site, they will now only see the content they need to work through in the Current Learning sectionIf mentors want to access the ECT content, they can do this by clicking on Find Learning in the top menu bar.

My ECT or mentor has completed all of the online content. Why is their progress bar not showing 100%?

If your ECT or mentor thinks they have completed everything on the online platform but their progress bar is stuck below 100% they need to:

  1. Log into the online portal.
  2. Scroll down to Current Learning
  3. Click on the block which is below 100%
  4. This will bring up a list of content for the block.

5. Click on each option in turn. If the section has been completed, there will be a little tick in the right hand corner. If the tick is missing, that activity hasn’t been completed.

6. Work down the list of content until you identify the missing activity.

How do I find out more information about Iris connect?

The first step to get Iris Connect set up is to complete the memorandum of understanding with Education Development Trust.  There were various technical problems with the MOU in September and many schools were unable to complete it.  If you haven’t heard from Iris Connect directly, this is because your MOU is currently unsigned.

If you would like to set up Iris Connect in your school:

  1. E-mail and ask for the MOU for your school to be re-sent.  You’ll need to include your URN.  The link to sign the MOU will go to the person who is listed as the main school contact.  This might be your headteacher or the induction tutor.
  2. Read the MOU, check you are happy with the terms and conditions relating to Iris and then sign it.
  3. Once the MOU has been agreed, an e-mail to register for Iris connect will be sent out to the nominated person on the MOU.   Once you have agreed to the Iris Connect terms and conditions then Iris Connect logins will be sent directly to your ECTs and mentors.
  4. At this point, ECTs and mentors will be able to download the Iris App and use it to record (aspects of) their lessons.  They can choose to share their videos with their mentor who is also able to add comments to sections of the video to support ECT development.

There is no obligation to use Iris Connect with your ECTs. If you feel this is not something you want to use with your ECTs, there is nothing further for you to do.

How does the mentor peer to peer support element of the programme work?

The mentor peer to peer / buddying programme has been designed by EDT to provide additional support and coaching for mentors as they support their ECTs. Mentors in the September 2021 cohort have now been sent details of their buddy. If you have not received this information, please contact Tracy Williams

Mentors in the January and April cohorts of the ECF programme, will receive further details of their mentor buddy by the 20th May 2022.

Where do mentors and ECTs record details of action steps from their ECT / mentor meetings?

ECTs must enter the dates of their mentor meetings onto the portal and tick to confirm these meetings have taken place. There is no requirement (from the ECF or from us) to record action steps or outcomes from individual mentor meetings on the EDT portal. This said, it seems sensible to encourage the mentor and the ECT to keep a personal record of what happens during the weekly mentor meeting for their own records. Your school may also have its own policy, which ECTs and mentors should follow.