Induction Tutor

Thank-you for registering your ECTs with us as your delivery partner for the ECF programme. Below, you’ll find a wealth of information to support you in your role as Induction Tutor.

Introducing the ECF Team

The ECF team at the Arthur Terry TSH comprises:

Tracy Williams, ECF strategic Lead
Laura Braybrooke, ECF operational Lead
Laura Smith, ECF administrator

All ECF related enquiries should be directed to our ECT inbox

Who do I contact with problems or questions?

The Arthur Terry TSH website is updated on a regular basis. The dates, times and venues for our events are also available on the website.

Technical Problems with the EDT portal

For technical problems with the EDT portal please contact EDT directly.  Please quote the name of your school, your URN and the nature of your problem.  You should receive a response within 48 hours.

Register a new Early Career Teacher (ECT) or change a mentor

To register ECTs or change mentor details, please go directly to the DfE website. Manage training for early career teachers (

For any problems with the DfE portal, contact the DfE helpdesk.

General queries about the logistics for events, to find out which event group you are in or for engagement queries:

Please contact Laura Smith at the Arthur Terry Teaching School Hub, North Birmingham

Specific queries about the ECF programme including changes in ECT / mentor circumstances:

Please contact:
Laura Braybrooke

To raise concerns about the ECF programme:

Please contact:
Tracy Williams

Do I get any training to support me in my role as an Induction Tutor?

The ECF team at the Arthur Terry TSH, North Birmingham offers regular drop-ins each term to support new Induction Tutors and to resolve individual school queries.

During the Autumn Term 2023 these sessions are taking place on:

Thursday 16th November 2023 – 10.00am – 11.00am

Tuesday 5th December 2023 8.00am – 9.00am

Induction Tutors are also invited to attend our termly Induction Tutor Development Forum sessions. These are opt-in virtual CPD sessions which happen each term, supporting Induction Tutors to be more effective in their role. During the 23-24 academic year, these sessions will take place on:

Wednesday 8th November 2023: 3.45pm – 4.30pm

Thursday 29th February 2024: 3.45pm – 4.30pm

Monday 13th May 2024: 3.45pm – 4.30pm

How can I support my ECTs and Mentors?

To support Induction Tutors to be as effective as possible in their roles, we have created a guide to being an Induction Tutor, working through the different stages of the EEF’s Implementation Cycle.

What are ECTs, mentors and Induction Tutors expected to do?

When will my ECTs and their mentors receive their user names and passwords?

Usernames and passwords to the Education Development Trust Portal are now being sent out to ECTs and mentors on a rolling basis. These are usually issued 24 hours after registration on the DfE portal. New ECTs starting the programme in September 2023 will receive their login details on the 4th September 2023. These details will be sent from Please ask your ECTs and mentors to check their junk, spam and clutter folders before requesting these details be resent.

Please make sure you have entered a valid e-mail address into the DfE portal for your new ECTs. The e-mail address listed on the DfE website will be the one which is used to issue usernames and passwords and to correspond with ECTs. This will also be their user name for the EDT portal.

When do the face to face events take place?

To complement the learning which happens through the self-study materials on the online platform, ECTs and their mentors will also attend face-to-face and virtual training events over the course of the year. ECTs attend three events each year. New mentors starting the programme in September 2023, will attend six events over the course of the two-year programme; one face-to-face event in the first term of the programme, followed by a virtual event each subsequent term. Mentors who joined the programme pre-September 2023, will attend four events over the two years. Two face-to-face events in the first year and then a virtual and face-to-face event in the second year.

Each school has been placed into an ECF event group based on its phase or specialism. We also run bespoke groups for ECTs in EYFS and ECTs and their mentors. The groups are named after Cadbury chocolate bars. Your event group name will have been communicated to you in your original welcome e-mail. If you are unsure which event group you are in, please let us know.

September Cohorts 22-23 and 23-24

Induction Tutors are sent an infographic with the dates and times for all of their events at the start of the academic year. These are also available to download from the website. Further information about each event will be sent out to ECTs and mentors two weeks prior to the date.

April Cohort 21-22, January Cohort 22-23, April Cohort 22-23, January Cohort 23-24

All of the event for ECTs and mentors in the January 22-23 and April 21-22 and April 22-23 cohorts are delivered virtually by the Arthur Terry TSH in collaboration with John Taylor TSH and Tudor Grange TSH. Further information about each event will be sent out to ECTs and mentors two weeks prior to the date.