Education Endowment Foundation

The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) is an independent charity dedicated to breaking the link between family income and educational achievement.  The EEF supports teachers and senior leaders to find ways to close the attainment gap by summarising the best evidence available alongside generating new evidence showing what works.

The EEF regularly publishes guidance reports summarising clear recommendations for teachers based on the best evidence available.

EEF Teaching and Learning Toolkit

An accessible summary of current research linked to teaching 5-16 year olds.

Promising Projects

Details of promising projects which have shown potential when trialed can be found here.

Literacy Guidance Report

Preparing for Literacy

Improving Literacy in KS1

Improving Literacy in KS2

Improving Literacy in Secondary

Maths and Science Guidance Reports

Improving Mathematics in early the Early Years and KS1

Improving Mathematics in KS2 and KS3

Improving secondary science

Additional guidance reports can be found here:

School Planning Guide 2020-21

Guidance on teaching during the 2020-21 academic year.