Central Midlands Maths Hub

The Central Maths Hub, coordinated by the NCETM and part of the National Maths Hubs network, works in partnership with local schools, colleges, universities, CPD providers, maths experts and employers to drive improvement in maths education. This is facilitated through funded professional development opportunities and national collaborative projects known as Work Groups, which meet the DfE standards for teachers’ development.

Programmes in 2021/22

  • We have capacity to support 200 primary schools for a new large-scale national programme designed to ensure that pupils in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 develop strong early ‘number sense’. Schools will each receive free classroom resources. https://tinyurl.com/MasteringNumber
  • We have 36 places on our Mastery Readiness programme for primary schools. Mastery Readiness Leads will regularly visit schools to offer bespoke, tailored advice and support. Schools that complete this programme are given automatic entry to the Developmental programme in the following year and will receive a grant of £1,000. https://www.centralmathshub.com/mastery-readiness.html
  • We are able to offer 14 primary schools places on our Teaching for Mastery Developmental programme; schools will receive a £1,000 grant for participation in this programme. 
  • We are able to support 12 secondary schools who will each work with a Mastery Specialist to give bespoke support to each school or college. Schools will receive a £2,000 grant for participation in this programme. https://www.centralmathshub.com/secondary-teaching-for-mastery-developmental-work-groups.html
  • The NCETM have a number of Leadership and Management opportunities for colleagues; including a free programme for colleagues involved in Early Years, Primary, Secondary or Post-16 who wish to gain accreditation to lead Professional Development. There are also two new programmes; School Development Lead and Secondary MAT Lead.  https://tinyurl.com/LeadershipCMH

Further details of our projects and Work Groups can be found on our website www.centralmathshub.com, via our Twitter page @centralmathshub, or through email on mathshub@bishopchalloner.bham.sch.uk