MFL in KS3: Developing a culture of practice which leads to fluency

Building on the recommendations from the 2016 TSC MFL Pedagogy Review this course will explore how Language teachers can adapt their practice in KS3 to focus on fluency leading to improved student efficacy and outcomes.

This course is designed to ensure MFL teachers have a strong theoretical understanding of the factors underpinning improved student outcomes in KS3. Course participants will have an opportunity to practise and refine their classroom practice as well as developing a bespoke strategic plan for languages in KS3 in their own school.

This course will be led by Tracy Williams, the ATLP’s MFL Lead with additional input from three experienced teachers with expertise in French, Spanish and German.

Run over a period of five months, the course will comprise 5 face to face sessions, self-directed study and 2 coaching conversations.

Session informationDates
Session 1: What is the most important knowledge to teach in KS3?Tuesday 31st January
Session 2: The three pillars of the MFL curriculum.Thursday 16th February
Session 3: A culture of practice leading to fluency.Wednesday 22nd March
Session 4: Fading Support. A journey towards automaticity.Thursday 20th April
Session 5: The role of assessment.Tuesday 6th June

All sessions will run from 1:30pm to 4:30pm and will take place at Arthur Terry School.

The cost of this course is £350.

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