The Arthur Terry National Teaching school working in partnership with the National Forest Teaching School has developed a bespoke NQT+1 programme, offering your early career teachers a continued package of CPLD and mentoring as they enter their second year of teaching.

Over the course of the year, NQT+1s participate in five face to face workshops, each giving them an opportunity to reflect and refine their practice.

19.11.2020 Classroom based action research National Forest Teaching School
07.01.2021Subject & CurriculumArthur Terry
11.03.2021How Pupils LearnArthur Terry
11.05.2021Professional BehavioursNational Forest Teaching School
17.06.2021Presentation of ProjectNational Forest Teaching School

Classroom Based Action Research: This session will look at contemporary topics within education and the importance of classroom-based action research.

Subject And Curriculum: This session explores how curriculum design can be more effective through balancing exposition, practice of critical skills and knowledge whilst revisiting the big ideas over time and drawing explicit links between new content and the core concepts and in the subject.

How Pupils Learn: This session will engage delegates with current understanding of How Pupils Learn through avoiding overloading working memory, building upon pupils’ prior knowledge and how to increase the retention of new knowledge over a longer timescale.

Professional Behaviours: This session focusses on the habits of being an effective teacher in the early career stages and beyond. Delegates will be challenged to reflect upon their own practice and consider their own next steps to continue engaging with effective professional development.

Presentation Of Project: Delegates will share their research and findings together in an informal celebratory event at the Training Centre of the National Forest Teaching School.

For more information about this course or to book a place please e-mail Jeanette Taylor-Perks at cpd@jths.co.uk or Jo-Ann Murphy at nationalteachingschool@atlp.org.uk

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